Castle Fraser

‘Imposing’ is the first word to come to mind when you set eyes on the colossal, five-storey tower house of Castle Fraser, finished in 1636. Constructed to a Z-plan design – with one large central tower and two diagonally opposite smaller towers – the castle can still be toured, and is stuffed with art and ornaments.   

Castle Fraser, garden & estate is home to one of Scotland’s largest tower houses that was built between 1575 and 1636, by the 6th laird, Michael Fraser. It was home to the Fraser family for more than 400 years, and today the castle is filled with treasures including family portraits, ornaments, mementos, hidden trapdoors, secret staircases and even a spy hole, all telling stories of the lairds who lived here.

Over the years there have also been numerous sightings of the ghost of a Princess who was staying at the castle. Her ending wasn’t met with a fairytale but instead a gruesome death. She was murdered while she slept in the Green Room, and her bloodied body was dragged down the stairs of the round tower. The blood stained the staircase so badly that the stairs had to be covered with wooden panelling, which can still be seen today.

Another ghost who resides in the castle belongs to Lady Blanche Drummond who died of consumption in 1874. Dressed in a long black gown, Lady Blanche Drummond has often been sighted roaming the grounds of the castle and wandering the staircases. 

Visitors to the castle and members of staff have reported hearing ghostly whispers, laughter and music coming from the Great Hall. The kitchen staff have also reported hearing the sound of children laughing and singing, only to find that there were no children at the castle.


Parking is free to Trust members; otherwise it’s £3.

Entry Fee

Adult £12.00, Family £28.00, One Adult Family £23.00, Concession £10.00

Admission Free for Trust members


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