Encounter with a puffin and how I discovered I was afraid of heights

By Karine Peyre

A beautiful evening early June. It might be 21.00, it feels like it’s only 18.00 as the sun still shines high above my head.  The 12C reminds me I’m in Scotland though.

“I’m looking for puffins?” I asked someone like I was asking for the nearest post office. He laughed and told me to follow him. In normal circumstances I wouldn’t follow a stranger, but when puffins are involved…

High cliffs, steep terrain covered with wet grass is not what I call a safe place to photograph a 20 cm tall bird. When I saw a puffin standing 10 meters from me I was simply super happy and managed to get the photos I wanted!

They say the most dangerous time is coming down from a mountain. I can add that in my case it was climbing up again the cliff… What a magical evening! 

Enjoy these little cuties!  #puffinsforever

  1. Anonymous June 16, 2020 8:37 pm

    Beautifully pictures and cute story !

  2. Anonymous June 16, 2020 1:08 pm

    Stunning pictures. So rare to capture those beautiful animals.

  3. jackcairney June 15, 2020 9:52 pm

    Beautiful photos! I live around 30 miles from here and have never visited, need to change that soon.