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Just over 30,000 square miles means there is adventure and activity around every corner in Scotland. Here, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy, from the city slickers wanting unique experiences in food, theatre and nightlife, to the country bumpkins who yearn for stretches of untouched, beautiful land, rugged coastlines and natural wildlife. From the Borders to Stornoway, Scotland has thousands of activities, experiences and events for visitors to see, do and explore. Our guide breaks down the best the country has to offer by region and by things to do. No matter the visitor, no matter the age or ability, Scotland has something that will delight, inspire and invigorate everyone who visits. What are you waiting for? Scotland is waiting!

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Are you looking for adventure? Relaxation? A tribute to your favourite book or the location of your favourite movie? Explore the categories below and find a truly unique experience today.

Activities in Scotland

It doesn’t get its nickname of ‘nature’s playground’ for nothing. Wherever you visit, activities await for kids and big kids alike. Play a round of golf on one of the country’s award-winning courses, explore historic castles from centuries past or get a ticket to concerts, festivals and events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and more. The only limit is your imagination.

Adventure in Scotland

Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, get ready - Scotland has something for you! Whether it’s tackling white water rapids on the loch, scaling the highest peaks in the Cairngorms or Glencoe, skiing, abseiling or axe throwing, there’s adventure around every corner.

Art in Scotland

Home to the only V&A outside of London, a collection of national galleries and dozens of pieces of street art, Scotland has long been a haven for artists. Whether it’s the muses of Kirkcudbright, the mural town of Invergordon or the street art trails in Glasgow, there’s plenty to wet the creative palate.

Cafes in Scotland

With a thriving coffee culture, Scotland has thousands of independent and chain cafes pushing the boundaries of café standards. Explore the Edinburgh favourite where Harry Potter was born or the Glasgow coffee bars bringing sustainability to your favourite hot drink.

Culture in Scotland

Centuries have developed a unique cultural landscape over Scotland. From textiles and fashion born out of traditional tartan to the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival, Scotland is the place to be for a dash of culture. Explore the national museums and galleries, enjoy fringe theatre and soak in the sounds, images and colours of the nation.

Eating Experiences in Scotland

Whether you prefer the culinary delights of one of Scotland’s eleven Michelin-starred restaurants or are looking for an authentic taste of the region, there’s plenty to satisfy your stomach. Go traditional by the coast with an Arbroath smokie, head to Moray for a bowl of Cullen Skink or go wild and forage in the wild.

Fun in Scotland

However you find fun in your trip, Scotland will have something to offer you. Whether you want the thrills and chills of snowboarding through the Cairngorms, discovering movie locations around Edinburgh or watching the incredible events at the Highland Games, there’s plenty of fun to be found here.

Harry Potter filming locations in Scotland

Famously the country that inspired this beloved book series the most, Scotland is home to both filming locations and direct inspirations for Harry Potter. Explore the streets of Edinburgh where the books were written and where Diagon Alley comes to life, or head for the Highlands to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct and Glencoe.

Hidden Gems in Scotland

Take a few steps just off the beaten path and discover something new. Even in the biggest of cities, there’s something to find beyond the tourist traps, from beautiful sculptures to wonders of the natural world. Leave the crowds behind and head beyond the familiar – it’s time to discover something amazing.

Historic attractions in Scotland

History is steeped in every city, town and village in Scotland. Whether it was the site of bloody battles where William Wallace or Robert the Bruce fought for Scotland or grand, ancestral homes of warring clans dating back centuries, there are plenty of historic attractions to explore.

Museums in Scotland

Interested in maritime history? How about architecture? What about bagpiping, the national instrument of Scotland? Whatever your passion, there’s probably a museum in Scotland for that. From the only V&A outside of London to the museum celebrating Scotland’s tallest man, there’s something for everyone to see.

Nature in Scotland

Scotland is blessed with some of the world’s most stunning natural spaces. From its two national parks to the peaks and lochs of the Highlands to the most remote islands jutting out into the ocean, the effort of reaching them is more than worth it. There is truly nowhere else in the world quite like this.

Nature in Scotland

Scotland is blessed with some of the world’s most stunning natural spaces. From its two national parks to the peaks and lochs of the Highlands to the most remote islands jutting out into the ocean, the effort of reaching them is more than worth it. There is truly nowhere else in the world quite like this.

Outlander filming locations in Scotland

One of this historic TV show’s principal locations, the historic buildings and streets of Scotland will take you back to Claire and Jamie’s love story. See magnificent castles in Stirling and Fife, the historic town of Culross and even the modern-day home to the University of Glasgow, each transformed for this historic epic.

Outdoor Activities in Scotland

Time to experience the great outdoors! With so much natural landscape to explore, outdoor activities are abundant here. On land, there’s hiking and climbing along some of the highest peaks in the UK. Or, head for the water and take on wild swimming, kayaking, fishing and windsurfing along the beaches or in the lochs.

Restaurants in Scotland

Home to eleven Michelin-starred restaurants, Scotland is at the forefront of transforming attitudes towards food from the UK. Making the most of the local larder, Scotland’s coasts have some of the best seafood and the acres of lush farmland rear delicious meat, game and poultry. Get ready to experience flavour like never before.

Shopping in Scotland

If you need a little retail therapy, Scotland is the place to come. Even in the furthest flung corners of the nation, you can find independent shops selling the best of local, from tartan to Shetland rugs to Harris tweed. And if you prefer vintage, the cities have you covered with flea markets, second-hand stalls and antiques around every corner.

Sports Activities

The birthplace of golf, home to the UK’s Olympic champion curling teams and of course, the famous Highland Games, there are plenty of sporty activities to take part in here. Sport is an essential part of Scottish culture, from rugby union, cycling, hockey and tennis to traditional Gaelic football and hurling.

Tours to take in Scotland

Let the experts guide you around the best places the country has to offer. Discover the centuries of history behind whisky making, take a guided tour around the heart of the Highlands or get to know the spots that filmmakers have borrowed to transform into some of cinema’s greatest locations – it’s all available here.

Walks in Scotland

In some places, there’s no better way to get there than by foot. Whether you’re attempting one of Scotland’s more than fifty long-distance walking trails, heading for a historic coastal pathway or taking things easy along woodland or beach, these walks will get you to some of the country’s hidden gems – where no car or train could ever take you.

Waterfalls in Scotland

Thanks to Scotland’s mountainous terrain, there are around 150 natural waterfalls to explore across the country. Though mainly congregated in the Highlands, these waterfalls can bring tranquillity, drama and, perhaps most importantly, a little mythical magic.

Distilleries to visit in Scotland

Home to around 130 distinctive malt whisky producers, Scotland is the home of the single malt. With new distilleries popping up every year, the country is a must-visit for any self-respecting connoisseur. Head for the whisky-producing regions like Islay, Moray Speyside and the Highlands for the most famous.