Scotland really does have it all, but that can complicate plans for the traveller. The country’s diversity is unlike any other, but in this lies its strength, because Scotland really can be meaningful for everyone. From the modern, cosmopolitan capital city Edinburgh, to the sweeping hills and mountains of the Highlands where eagles soar thousands of feet above the ground; from the serene and mysterious lochs that have inspired myths and legends for centuries to the sparking medieval buildings of the ‘Silver City’, Aberdeen: every inch of this country oozes history, beauty, timeless tradition or modernity.

All of this is a gift for the holidaymaker planning a trip to Scotland, because it empowers them to design a trip of their dreams. Whether you favour a city break, a hiking holiday, an adrenalin-rush of outdoor sports or a tour of history’s footprints on this tiny nation, you can choose the type of experience and memories you wish to take home and select your destination accordingly.

Build your transport and accommodation options around your destination – with ample choices of places to stay and ways to get around you won’t be restricted in where you wish to travel – and you’re all set for a holiday that is certain to live long in your memory.