East Aquhorthies Stone Circle

Recumbent stone circles are a type of stone circle found only in parts of Scotland, in which a monolith (the recumbent) is positioned on its side in the centre. Around 90 such sites exist in Aberdeenshire alone, mostly dating from around 2000BC, although the dry-stone wall that encloses East Aquhorthies Stone Circle was erected more recently, sometime in the last 300 years.

Traditionally, the site was known as Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle, and you may see some signs referring to the former name dotted around. Recently, Historic Environment Scotland has adopted the revised title, in line with the nearby farm of East Aquhorthies.

Due to its near circular shape, it is likely that East Aquhorthies Stone Circle was of the earliest of its type in Aberdeenshire. Measuring 19.5m in diameter, the site consists of a ring of grey granite flankers, approximately 2.3m high, and a 3.8m long recumbent stone of reddish granite that may have been sourced from nearby Bennachie.

Like many of the recumbent stone circles in Aberdeenshire, East Aquhorthies Stone Circle retains a palpable sense of mysticism, one of the few ways for modern visitors to immerse themselves in the thoughts of the prehistoric settlers who created this ancient wonder four millennia ago.


Arriving by car

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle is located approximately 3 miles west of Inverurie, off the A96. Tourist signs direct you to a small car park near the site, which is accessed via a short walk across a field.

Arriving by bus

If travelling from Aberdeen or Huntly, take Stagecoach service 10 or 37 (Aberdeen – Huntly), disembarking at Inverurie. East Aquhorthies Stone Circle can then be reached on foot, at approximately 4 miles.

Opening times

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle is open all day, 365 days a year.

Admission is free.


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The recumbent stone at East Aquhorthies Stone Circle is believed to weigh approximately nine tonnes, making it heavier than an African elephant.

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