Caithness is the furthest north part of the Highlands incorporating John o’ Groats, Thurso, Wick and a number of small villages and has a population of about 24,000. It is an area of large open spaces, spectacular skyscapes and the Scarabens, Morven and Maiden Pap mountains. Inland it is mainly made up of the sparsely populated Flow Country which is worth a visit if you are interested in wild bogs and moorland with unusual plants, birds, insects or red deer. The coastal part of Caithness is dramatic with its offshore stacks and high cliffs. Check out Duncansby Head in particular.

Why Visit?

The caves and sea stacks around the coast give a truly stunning backdrop to any photo. The area has a number of really interesting castles that are great for an interesting day out and be sure to visit the most northerly distillery on the mainland at the Old Puteney. Some amazing scenery and a variety of seabirds can be found around the cliffs. Try the Whaligo steps which will allow you to walk all the way down the Cliffside. Archaeology lovers will have lots to explore with many brochs, stones and other sites to be visited.

Explore Caithness

Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, Caithness, the
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