Hidden Scotland is a source of inspiration and information carefully curated to better equip you on your journey around Scotland. We create and collaborate to produce content that gives you the knowledge and tips to maximise your experience, helping you make memories that will last a lifetime.

We aim to encourage conscious travel in a bid to get to the heartbeat of the awe-inspiring locations within Scotland. By encouraging meaningful experiences, travellers will begin to immerse themselves within their surroundings to establish longer-lasting connections and gain a better understanding of the area they are in and its people. We want to show that sustainable travel gives something back to the communities and provides the traveller with an authentic experience. Now more than ever people want to return home from a trip feeling enlightened and transformed.


We believe in inspiring people to explore the beauty that Scotland has to offer by thinking differently. We believe in sharing knowledge that will help them to explore by being creative. We believe that we all have a duty to explore with responsibility and leave it as you found it. We believe in finding pleasure through travel and sharing travel stories.


Hidden Scotland inspires others to travel to and around Scotland and have experiences, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

At Hidden Scotland we source and research Scotland’s most unique and interesting places to visit, stay, eat, drink and do. Our members and collaborators are businesses and people in Scotland who offer an exceptional service, who understand what it is to travel, who understand what it is to be away from home, who understand what it takes to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Founded by Jack Cairney in 2016, Hidden Scotland continue to create and collaborate to produce content that gives you the knowledge and tips to maximise your experience when travelling in Scotland.


Think Strategically

We are user focused and therefore we continuously improve the interface, format, and functionality and our structure to match and exceed user expectations and to provide users with the best knowledge and help when travelling Scotland.

Think Differently

We strive to forever think ahead and to think creatively in all that we do, we want to push the status quo whilst remaining fully user friendly, informative and exciting.

Stay Curious

We vow to never get complacent and to always wonder and wander to find more, do more, share more.

Be Transparent

Hidden Scotland is built from a foundation of honesty and transparency, we will never be dishonest.

Be thoughtful

In all that we do we strive to be the most thoughtful, thinking fully in all creative concepts, technical concepts, user concepts. As well as ensuring we go above and beyond for the users, brands and businesses we work for/with.


Forming lasting relationships with collaborators and respecting what they do and provide for us. Having their back and honouring them in all materials.


Remain creative in all aspects of what we do at Hidden Scotland 

Education – 

Take only photographs and leave only footprints”

Sharing the message on how to roam responsibly and ensuring this message is shared with high importance