The Wee House

If you are anywhere near Loch Shin look out for the unusual sight of a house in the middle of the loch on a tiny island just big enough for the house to sit on.

At the side of the loch you’ll see interpretation boards telling a tale of Jock Broon and his large family being gifted the land on the little island. If you read on you’ll see that the names of Jock’s family may look familiar to readers of the Sunday Post’s cartoon ‘The Broons’. Yes you guessed it – it’s just a bit of fun made up by the locals.

The house was actually built for a float for the local Lairg Gala 20 years ago and the locals felt it was a good idea to do something fun and interesting with it rather than just destroy it. What a great idea and it makes such a good photo.

Sutherland IV27 4NY Scotland GB

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