Dinosaur Prints at Staffin & Duntulm

Did you know that Skye has a reputation as the ‘dinosaur isle’?

There is evidence that megalosaurus, ornithopods, stegosaurus and cetiosaurus once walked on Skye and the two best places to see this is at Duntulm and Staffin. Take a trip to the beach at An Corran in Staffin at low tide and ideally after a winter storm and look for a cluster of prints near the ramp.

These are around 165 million years old. If you want to see what is considered to be possibly the best tracks of dinosaurs in the world go to the shore south of  Duntulm Castle at low tide and see some huge prints of sauropods from 170 million years ago. There is also evidence of sauropods and theropods at Brothers Point but these are not so easy to reach as the ones at Staffin and Duntulm.

If you are interested in dinosaurs and fossils then you must take a trip to Staffin Museum. It’s a small unheated museum but has lots of interesting fossils and dinosaur prints to look at.

The Staffin and Duntulm area is a fantastic place to stay when exploring Skye, close to some of the most spectacular sites the island has to offer, to check out places to stay nearby check out our accommodation guide.

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