Wild Conditions at the Allt Dearg Cottage.

By Joe Hall

For many years, it had been a dream of mine to be able to explore the vast amount of beautiful locations on the Isle of Skye. One of the many other reasons why I had been drawn to this famous Scottish Island was because of the unpredictable conditions that you were almost guaranteed to experience. Finally, in October 2019, me and a group of friends set off on an epic roadtrip of the Scottish Highlands, where we would indeed be visiting the Isle of Skye.

After many hours on the road, we eventually made it to Skye with about 30 minutes of daylight left, and so decided to head straight to the famous cottage in Sligachan. When we parked up, the rain began to come down, and the winds were battering the side of the car, however we felt as if these were actually the perfect conditions for this location. The thick fog that was engulfing the Cuillins in the background made this cottage look even better than we expected – a real treat for us with it being the very first stop of our stay here.

Even though this was our first real taste of the Isle of Skye, it was one of my favourite memories from our trip in 2019.

  1. jackcairney June 16, 2020 3:08 pm

    Great article Joe! love the photos 🙂