Braemar Castle

Reveries of Scotland’s history make themselves at home throughout the eccentric hallways of Braemar Castle, a true merging of past and present. The castle has stood for around 400 years but is now on lease to a charity representing the local community. As a result, the interiors are partly restored Jacobean design and partly contemporary modern comforts, making the entire building an architectural oddity.

Braemar Castle traded hands several times during its lengthy lifetime, especially during the Jacobite uprising. Although initially built by John Erskine, it was taken over by Clan Farquharson just before the turn of the 18th century and has been considered their property since then. Notable guests to the castle include Queen Victoria herself, who attended the world-famous Braemar Gatherings which were hosted on the grounds. Braemar Castle is now a community-owned building, providing a beautiful venue for the locals to host events and bring people together.

How to get there

The nearest city to Braemar is Aberdeen, from which the number 201 runs regularly. The castle itself is a relatively short but scenic walk from the town, passing the historical Invercauld Arms Hotel en route. By car, both the castle and town are best reached via the A93 heading east.

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