Caol Ila Distillery

Islay is informally known as Scotland’s ‘whisky island’ – and has earned its stellar reputation over centuries of distilling.

One of the heartlands of Scotland’s whisky production, it’s also where the Islay home of Johnnie Walker, Caol Ila, is found. It’s one of nine distilleries operating on the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides, with two more in the process of being built. More than 175 years after the founding of Caol Ila, this hidden gem is still drawing connoisseurs to its doors.

Most will come for the malts but stay for the incredible scenery that surrounds the distillery, from the snaking shoreline and bay that stretches out towards another of the Hebrides most charming landmarks, the Paps of Jura. Come by air or sea and try the Spirit of Smoke Tasting Experience for yourself, overlooking the dramatic landscape of the Sound of Islay as you sample the lighter, peaty Ila malt.

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