Argyll nights

By Marc Pickering

After what has felt like a lifetime in lockdown, and a long time of restrictions to our movements… the easing of a few guidelines meant I have been able to explore the immediate local area a little bit again! 
Living on the west coast of Scotland, in Argyll, I normally have easy access to some of the best landscape and sea views in the country in my opinion, and it felt like a huge relief to travel the few miles to watch a sunset at my favourite spots again. 
I headed towards Kilmory Knap, a secluded and quiet peninsula beyond Castle Sween and past Knapdale forest, home of some fascinating history and of course, home to the Scottish Beaver Trial. 
The views to the Isle of Jura from this peninsula and Kilmory beach, are simply breathtaking and coupled with an incredible sunset made the trials of lockdown melt away for a little while at least… 

  1. jackcairney June 14, 2020 12:15 pm

    Beautiful Photos Marc, Kilmory Knap looks like a special place.