Meet Karen harvey, founder of hoos

Hi Karen! Please tell everyone a bit about yourself and introduce your shop to our readers.

I am Karen Harvey and I opened Hoos which is my first store in the summer of 2016. I am from Glasgow but was living in Suffolk for the past 30 years and it was a big move for me to come back home. Previously I was the Director of a charity and worked with vulnerable Children and Families.

What was it that made you start your own business, what is your inspiration?

I have always had an interest in Interiors and design and thought that now was the time for a new challenge and life! I have a friend with a great store in London and we thought we might do something together in Glasgow but in the end I found the unit that Hoos is now in and it felt best to open it myself.

Where about in Scotland are you located, and what’s it like in your community? Are there many other small businesses nearby?

Hoos is in Glasgow and is based in the West End which is a very vibrant community where the University is based our Botanical Garden and it has its own distinct feel within the city! I am on the main Great Western Road and I share the “strip” with lots of other independent businesses. We have a cheesemonger, fish shop, grocers, vintage shops, bakeries and Lifestyle, clothing and Homeware stores! So Hoos is in great company!nearby?

What type of products do you sell in your shop, and do you have any unique offerings that you would like to share?

I have some of the best and well known Danish Brands as they are so good at both Function and Design. Hay, Ferm Living, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen and Rains and other more independent Brands such as Nicky Jones who is Glasgow based and makes the most beautiful textiles. You can buy a candle or a sofa from me! I also like to showcase Scottish makers if I can and I have jewellery from Glasgow School of Art graduates, and bags and clothes from young Glasgow designers in store. I also sell lots of plants and pots which we have outside the store on the street as I am a keen gardener and love growing things. I enjoy going up to the Flower Market every week to pick up my order! We have enjoyed having “Meet the Maker” with some of our favourite Designers in Hoos who take over part of the shop for maybe three or four days and we have a launch evening with lots of Fizz which is always a lot of fun!

What’s next for your business? Do you have any exciting plans or changes in place, now that Scotland is gradually opening up again?

I certainly do! I have a new collaboration with Noma Living who are a cool kitchen and bathroom store on Great Western Road and we are opening Hay at Hoos! I will have furniture, lighting and accessories on display from this Danish Brand and its an exciting development for me as Hoos is not a big store and I have not been able to display a sofa before or Dining Furniture. I also have plans to open a Flower and Plant shop called Green Hoos all going well!

Do you have a certain criteria when sourcing the wonderful products that you stock in your shop?

My criteria is if I would have it in my own home then its a good fit for Hoos! Also good Design is a priority which is why I asked to become a stockist of the Brands that I have.

Are the items in your shop also available to buy online and if so where do you deliver to? (is worldwide shipping available?)

Yes we have a website and can deliver larger pieces within Glasgow. Some Brands that I stock can deliver a sofa directly to the customer. I don’t ship world wide as I think sometimes that’s too far for a piece to travel and its better to shop more locally if you can. We do ship all over the UK though.

Please share more about the area that you are based, what would you recommend seeing and doing to people visiting?

The Botanical Gardens are just across the road from Hoos and the Green Houses are fabulous to wander around or to sit and enjoy the scene. Also you can access the River Kelvin from the West End and its a joy to walk along the river. The University offers an amazing building to explore including the cloisters and it also offers you a great view over the city. Also walking in the West End is such a great thing to do as the architecture is fabulous and its always a joy to see how people live and feel like a local! Also Ashton Lane offers a great place to have a drink and some dinner.



Thank you so much Karen, where can we find out more about you online?
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