For wildlife lovers, the habitat of Scotland – the rugged coastline that gives way to windswept dunes, the lush glens and the rugged mountains, and the low-lying marshy areas – provides ample opportunity to see some of our native species. From bottlenose dolphins to colonies of seals, the coastline of Scotland is home to all kinds marine animals in birds. Further inland, and you may be lucky to catch sight of a wildcat or two, ospreys and the iconic Highland cow, with its shaggy red coat and protruding horns. The red squirrel can be spotted scampering through trees and in some areas, the Golden Eagle can be seen circling the skies. For those in love with nature and all that it offers, there are several native species of bird, animal and mammal to enthral and delight, including those that dwell side by side with city dwellers.


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Shetland Ponies

Highland Cows


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