Davaar Island

A trip to this island combines the beauty and excitement of the journey with the chance to see a cave painting of the crucifixion. This artwork was painted in the cave by a local art teacher called Archibald MacKinnon in 1887 and is regularly maintained by local artists to this day. You really have to plan ahead for this trip. The island is accessed via a causeway that becomes visible at low tide so time your trip to start as soon as its low tide so that you give yourself plenty of time to see the various caves and to find the one with the painting. If you have plenty of time venture further and find the lighthouse on the other side of the island. Allow an hour each way and do be careful to get back in time as the tide comes in quickly and completely covers the causeway. The tourist board in Campbeltown will keep you right with tide times. Good walking boots are essential as the area around the caves can be slippy.