Unique Places to Stay in Scotland

Stunning Scotland is blessed with an abundance of natural and man-made beauty to behold. From Munros to glens, lochs to sweeping coastlines, and secluded, tranquil islands to bustling, atmospheric cities, Scotland has it all.

And even when you think you’ve seen the best of this beautiful landscape, there will be something else to uncover around the next corner. And the next.

Whether you’re planning to head north to the Scottish Highlands, west to the rugged Hebrides, east to regal Aberdeenshire or south within easy reach of Edinburgh and Glasgow, you’re sure to fall in love with Scotland and find plenty of things to do. From some parts, you can even see the Northern Lights.

With such spectacular and diverse scenery on offer, not to mention a wealth of areas swathed in history and culture, Scotland boasts some incredibly unique places to stay to make your visit truly memorable. The only problem is narrowing down your choices to find the perfect, dreamy spot.

In reality though, you can’t really go wrong. While staying in a lighthouse is pretty cool and certainly different, putting your head down in a castle isn’t a bad alternative. Equally, you may choose to sacrifice staying on the banks of a beautiful loch for breath-taking coastal views or enjoy the backdrop of a glorious mountain landscape. Either way, your camera will be working overtime.

Besides, anything you have to forego on your next trip, you can make up for on the following visit to Scotland, because we’re certain you’ll be itching to come back and explore further.

To help with your search, we at Hidden Scotland have divided the country’s wide variety of unique stays into categories below, making it easy for you to discover your ideal getaway. So, grab a coffee, snuggle up in a comfy seat and have a browse of the amazing unique stays Scotland has to offer. You’ll be packing your bags by the end of the day!


While some of Scotland’s lighthouses have been converted into viewing galleries, bird observatories or museums and many are still in use, others make fantastically unique places to stay. The beauty of staying in a lighthouse – obviously beyond it being super cool – is that you’re automatically guaranteed stunning coastal views. From Orkney out across the North Sea, or from Gairloch out to the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides, there are plenty of options for amazing lighthouse stays in Scotland.


When looking for unique places to stay in Scotland, you’ll struggle to find anywhere more unique or Scottish than a castle and luckily, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from. With the country once boasting around 3,000 castles, they form a strong part of Scottish heritage and make for fascinating stays too. As with lighthouses, a castle stay practically guarantees you stunning views, so be sure to pack your camera.


Unleash your inner Windy Miller or Jonathan Creek with a unique stay in a Scottish windmill. If you’re looking for a tranquil, serene escape, away from the hustle and bustle with acres of luscious countryside to look out on, a windmill stay ticks all the boxes. Plus, it makes for great photographs and stories to share with friends when you get home.

Check out the Old Stone Windmill Tower in Edinburgh

Railway Carriages

With more than 900 offshore islands, mainly spread across the archipelagos of Orkney, Shetland and the Inner and Outer Hebrides, there’s an abundance of secluded Scottish island escapes to choose from. Ideal for getting back to nature, experiencing the local wildlife, enjoying outdoor pursuits or simply taking a stroll along the beach, you won’t find greater peace and tranquillity than secluded island breaks in Scotland.


Live out your childhood dream by booking a stay in a treehouse in Scotland for your next getaway. A great way to escape the demands of everyday life, you’ll find peace and tranquillity with this back-to-nature break, enjoying time alone or with loved ones without distractions of modern technology. On top of that, unique treehouse stays are a wonderful way to truly experience the Scottish countryside.

Architectural wonders

If you’re dreaming of a unique stay in Scotland, there’s a multitude of architectural wonders which will make your getaway truly memorable. The typical hotel chain stays will never feel the same again. So, pack the camera, snap away and bombard Instagram with the incredible photos of your amazing bolthole.


Why not treat yourself to a luxurious break to relax and unwind in a glorious Scottish mansion. Whether you’re planning a big family gathering or a getaway with friends, mansions are a fantastic option to all stay together in comfort. Often coming with large grounds, a swimming pool or hot tub as part of the package, you’ll likely have everything you need for a great Scottish escape under one roof.

Views to die for

Fortunately, in stunning Scotland, you don’t have to travel far to stumble across views to die for. Thanks to the country’s mixture of rugged rural landscapes, ancient forests, sweeping coastlines, mountainous terrain and rivers, lochs and waterfalls, there are a wealth of options to stay in a room with a view. So, whether you opt for a break up in the Highlands, within easy reach of Edinburgh or out in the Hebrides, you won’t be left disappointed. Narrowing down your choices is the only difficulty!


Often located in remote, mountainous areas, bothies provide cheap (or free) accommodation for adventurous travellers who have set out to explore and hike across the landscape. Great for getting your head down and recharging the batteries for a few hours before moving on to your next challenge, they also have the benefit of pretty spectacular outlooks too. Just be aware that stays of longer than two nights may require special permission.


Nothing screams ‘fun’ quite like a glamping getaway, and those on offer in Scotland add a splash of the spectacular too. A great way to enjoy a back-to-nature stay without having to erect your own tent or sleep on a cold, hard floor, glamping trips have become increasingly popular in recent years. So, why not find out what you’ve been missing out on?

Accommodation with Hot Tubs

Not many things will make a Scotland escape feel more luxurious and relaxing than being able to slip into a hot tub of an evening – perhaps with a book and glass of wine in hand. Ideal for couples enjoying a romantic getaway, as well as for groups of friends, hot tubs really do add the wow-factor to any property.

Shepherd Huts

Shepherd hut escapes are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Simple, affordable and the ideal way to reconnect by leaving the technology at home, they are also often found in spectacular, rural locations, making for intimate and unique Scottish getaways.

By the Loch

Few things say ‘Scotland holidays’ more than gazing out across a beautiful, tranquil loch day and night. So, finding accommodation which enables you to do just that makes for the perfect short break in Scotland. Enjoy gentle strolls in glorious surroundings, hop on a bike to explore further afield or simply grab a good book and a comfy patch of grass, and take in the waterside scenery. Perfect.

Village Retreats

Scotland is blessed with a plethora of quaint and picturesque villages, perfect for escaping the daily hustle and bustle, and enjoying a true Scottish experience. Village retreats allow you to have the convenience of pubs, restaurants, shops and attractions on the doorstep, while still being close enough to Scotland’s beautiful countryside to venture out and explore the scenery and wildlife.

Remote Cottages

Snuggle up for a cosy getaway in one of Scotland’s beautiful remote cottages, ideal for a unique break. With such an abundance of wonderful countryside to explore, booking a cottage stay is perfect for relaxing in front of an inviting log fire, with a glass of wine, having spent the day hiking or cycling around the Scottish landscape.


Check into a luxury cabin for a unique Scottish getaway. Cabins and lodges can be found in each corner of the country, whether you’re looking for a rural escape, spectacular views or something closer to Scotland’s towns and villages. They make for a great way to really enjoy your break without distraction but with the benefit of home comforts.

By the Coast

With more than 10,000 miles of coastline split between the mainland and islands, there are plenty of options for spectacular and unique coastal stays in Scotland. Dramatic and beautiful in equal measure, the Scottish coast presents a wealth of incredible spots, from the beaches of St Andrews to the rugged St John’s Head cliffs on the Isle of Hoy in Orkney.

Accommodation for Large Groups

Planning a trip with a large group can be a stressful experience, but fortunately Scotland has plenty of choice to accommodate your whole party in fantastic, unique settings. Whether you’re preparing for a family get-together or a stag or hen party, there’s sure to be something to perfectly suit your needs.

Log Cabins

Log cabin stays in Scotland are as varied as the beautiful landscapes in which they are nestled. From basic, affordable options to luxury lodges for bigger groups, all requirements are catered for. Choose a forest escape, or a coastal getaway, or a stay on the banks of a loch and Scotland’s beautiful log cabins will be the perfect place to snuggle up of an evening, or carry on the party.

Dog Friendly Accommodation

Head away on holiday with furry family members for the perfect outdoors escape. Walking in the Highlands or hiking in the Cairngorms is a beautiful experience, but with man’s best friend running by your side, holidays just feel more complete. Scotland boasts a great range of pet-friendly accommodation to ensure your whole family gets to enjoy the spectacular landscape the country has to offer.

Farm Stays

Wake up to the sound of a cockerel’s call, sit down to a breakfast of fresh hens’ eggs and gaze out across peaceful landscapes during farm stays in Scotland. Undoubtedly a quirky way to spend a getaway, farm stays are wonderful for getting back to nature, lending a helping hand and enjoying a really unique experience at the same time. As a bonus, the produce is fresh, the country air is rejuvenating and you’ll feel a real sense of satisfaction at the homely accommodation on offer.

Eco Friendly

Enjoy a unique break in Scotland safe in the knowledge you’re contributing to sustainable, responsible tourism with a stay in beautiful, eco-friendly accommodation. And there’s an increasingly wide range to choose from, whether you’re after a romantic, cosy cabin, a quaint cottage for a group or a back-to-nature eco-lodge. There are even eco-friendly options which will allow you to stay in castles or luxury hotels, making it ever easier to travel in a sustainable way and help protect Scotland’s stunning natural landscapes.


Enjoy a unique traditional and cultural experience with a stay in one of Scotland’s stunning reimagined properties. These have been lovingly and sympathetically restored to former glory, giving guests a wonderful insight into pure Scottish heritage, making your stay all the more special.