Spending time in Scotland is more than worth it but like all travel adventures, you need to have an idea of how much essentials will cost.


with a range of options, you won’t be spoilt for choice. At the cheaper end of the scale is hostel accommodation at around £10 a night. A private room in a hostel costs up to £40, with some budget hotels offering similar accommodation for the same price. Hotels can cost anything from £30 to £100.


eating out is the more expensive option, although there are great deals to be had from time to time. Edinburgh and Glasgow prices can be a little higher than the average £20 per head for a meal in a pub or restaurant. If you are self-catering, expect to spend around £60 a week on food.


bus tickets vary depending on distance, although there are all day deals you can opt for from £1.50 for a single ticket to a £4 all-day roaming ticket. Check with the bus company. Or why not hire a bike? A full day bike hire costs £17 in Edinburgh, a great way to explore the city. Train prices vary depending on the length of journey and time of day. Check at the local rail station for the best deal.


all public museums are free to enter, although there may be exhibits that are extra. Edinburgh Castle’s current rates are £17 per adult but this includes your own audio tour, available in eight languages including Mandarin. Walking tours vary depending on the tour company but expect to pay £20 upwards. There are also many free resources such as walking and exploring maps completely free of charge Find them at a local tourist information office or outlet.


There are no fixed rules for tipping although many visitors will tip when they receive excellent service. In restaurants, 10% of the bill would be ‘the norm’, but it is uncommon to tip in pubs. In upmarket establishments and hotels, tipping is an expected part of your stay.

With a daily budget of around £55, you can stay in a comfortable but basic hostel, eat out for at least one meal and cook the rest, as well as local transport costs.