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Why Choose Scotland

Scotland is home to a vast variety of terrains, places, cities and experiences far beyond what you may expect. With this variety comes an even greater range of possibilities when it comes to finding accommodation to suit your needs and desires. Whatever type of trip you are planning, from a weekend break to monthly stays, city breaks to rural escapes, busy bustling bnbs to private airbnbs, Scotland has an option for you. You can also find accommodation for any budget or style, from cheap and cheerful hostels to luxury hotels in unique or refined surroundings.

How to choose accommodation in Scotland

The sheer range and diversity of places and accommodation in Scotland can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t visited the country before or are none the wiser to its regions, history and landscape. So how do you begin planning a trip and finding accommodation when there is so much out there?

First, choose a region to explore. Ask yourself, are you looking to explore a city and its galleries, restaurants and shops, or are you more interested in hiking and exploring nature? Scotland truly has the best of both worlds, and some locations will be better than others for your specific plans. Think about what you want to see and do and the proximity and accessibility that your accommodation needs to have. Keep reading below for more information on the regions of Scotland.

Next, define your trip in as much detail as possible and figure out what you need and want from your accommodation. Do you value the privacy of a private apartment, or the amenities of a hotel? How long are you staying? Do you drive or does it need to be accessible by public transport? What do you want to be close to? Are you bringing any pets and are you staying alone or in a big group? What is your budget and preferred level of comfort or style? Each of these parameters will help you decide what accommodation is best for you.

Finally, explore your options! There is so much out there to choose from and once you have discovered what you need from your accommodation and where you want to be, you can enjoy looking for that perfect fit.

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