To the north of Edinburgh lies Stockbridge, an affluent and vibrant district that retains a village feel that has, over time, been a favourite haunt of poets, writers, artists and musicians. Today, ambitious young professionals occupy the elegant Georgian and Victorian terraced homes that line the village streets, comfortably mingling with charming cafes and stylish gastropubs.

For two centuries, Stockbridge has welcomed talented artisans, many of who migrated to the village from afar, and today the tradition lingers in the specialist shops along Raeburn Place and at the weekly market, which also boasts some of the finest local and continental street food you’ll find anywhere! Although located only ten minutes from the Royal Mile, Stockbridge retains a palpable sense of village life – a distinctive Bohemian culture quite different from the capital city of which it is now part.

The rippling currents of the Water of Leith that traverses the village, which powered the mills in the pre-Industrial Revolution, emphasise the rural nature of Stockbridge, especially when the visitor explores the riverside paths and cycle routes on a scenic interlude from Edinburgh’s tourist trails.

The leafy slopes of Dean Village, with its eye-catching Victorian architecture and towering viaduct, and the open park of Inverleith also provide inspiration away from the city centre, while a wander under the giant greenhouse roofs of the Royal Botanic Gardens opens the imagination to an ecosystem that stretches far beyond the coastline of Scotland.

It’s not difficult to understand why Stockbridge became one of Edinburgh’s most sought-after suburbs, a place that is as much a part of a modern, cosmopolitan city as an timeless entity in its own right.






stockbridge duck race

The Stockbridge Duck Race

During the past three decades, the Stockbridge Duck Race has become one of the most eagerly anticipated charity events in the city

The Stockbridge Colonies

Today, the Stockbridge Colonies are afforded listed status, protecting them as a key element of Edinburgh’s social history.