Skye Cottages with Hot Tubs

The Isle of Skye, located just off the West Coast of Scotland, is an enchanting island known as the home of incredible natural wonders, friendly people, and the kind of beautiful sights you would struggle to find anywhere else. Whether you want to see the cascading, magical waters of the Fairy Pools or go on a hike to Brother’s Point, there is so much to see and do here.

However, you can also slow down and take the island in at your own pace. Spending a week or more getting to know all that Skye has to offer is the perfect opportunity to relax as well as explore. And you can even do it while chilling out in your own hot tub.

Read on to find out about cottages with hot tubs in Skye, and more.

A Place to Unwind

Skye has a gentle, considered pace of life in keeping with nature. This will make you want to stop checking your phone, slow down and just enjoy all that this incredible island has to offer. Take your time, explore the island, and then head back to your hot tub accommodation in Skye. Because nothing makes a slow, peaceful break better than relaxing in a bubbling hot tub and looking at the stars.

While some visitors may want to fit a visit to the Isle of Skye into a larger itinerary, it is truly worth visiting all on its own so you can take your time getting to know as much of the island as you can without rushing.

Why stay in log cabins with hot tubs in Skye?

Accommodation with hot tubs could be the perfect way to create your ideal stay when you visit Skye. Laying back after a long day of hiking and exploring the incredible sights that the island has to offer, while still being fully immersed in nature, will only add to the magical wonder of your trip.

There are lodges with hot tubs in Skye in many locations where you might wish to stay, so you can plan your trip around staying near to the location of your activities. This way, it will be even easier for you to end your day by sinking slowly into your hot tub or jacuzzi and feeling all your worries melt away.

Other must-see attractions

As well as finding your favourite of all the lodges with hot tubs in Skye, there is a range of attractions that keep visitors coming back to Skye year after year. Such great attractions as Dunvegan Castle – the only caste on the Isle of Skye, and the gorgeous sunsets seen from Neist Point – are perfect whether you are a history fan or you simply want to immerse yourself in nature.

Are you feeling inspired to head to the Isle of Skye for your own relaxing hot tub break? There are plenty of cottages with jacuzzis in Skye to choose from. Start planning now and you could be enjoying the beautiful sights of Skye sooner than you think.

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Broadford Bay Cottage

Location: Broadford Bay

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Duisdale House Hotel

Location: Isleornsay

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The Blacksmith's Bothy

Location: Elgol

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Cosy Wooden Cabin

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Brae Cottage

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