Isle of Skye Itinerary

If you were to try and distil the Scottish Highlands down into a small area, taking the warmness of the people, the epic landscapes and incredible food, the result would be something very similar to the Isle of Skye.

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January in Edinburgh

Happy New Year! The arrival of January sees Edinburgh swapping twinkly lights and Christmas decorations for glittering frosty mornings and the promise of snow.

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December in Edinburgh

Winter has arrived in the Capital. The city has seen its first dusting of snow, throngs of people bustle around the shops looking for Christmas presents, and twinkly lights brighten up dark evenings.

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November in Edinburgh

Autumn has arrived in the capital. Temperatures are beginning to drop, nights slowly close in yet with trees bursting into beautiful russet tones and their golden leaves strewn across city pavements, it’s an incredibly beautiful time to be in Edinburgh.

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