50 Things to do in Aberdeenshire

From the Cairngorms National Park to the borders of the Highlands, Aberdeenshire has plenty to see, taste and explore. Whether you prefer to spend your time in five-star hotels, haunted castles or embracing nature – here are 50 things to do during your next visit to Scotland’s northeast coast.

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Commemorating The Battle of Largs

In the town of Largs on the Ayrshire coast, stands a strange monument poking 70 feet into the sky. This slender structure has become known affectionately as the Largs Pencil, built in 1912 to commemorate one of Scotland’s most pivotal events.

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The Legend of Rosslyn Chapel’s Apprentice Pillar

Packed full of ornate stone carvings and mysterious legends, Rosslyn Chapel is one of the most intriguing buildings in Scotland. Construction began in 1446, high up on a small hill overlooking Roslin Castle. Sir William Sinclair had grand plans to create an enormous, elaborate church that would be the envy of the Scottish nobility.

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