Discovering Scotland’s Wild Medicine: An Interview with Medical Herbalist, Forager and Author, Clare Holohan

Join us as we chat with Clare Holohan, a passionate medical herbalist and forager who shares her journey of creating the book “Scotland’s Wild Medicine.” From her personal background and motivation to the process of writing, our chat sheds light on businesses, collaboration, and the profound connection between nature and wellness. Learn about her insight into herbal medicine, foraging, and the transformative power of reconnecting with nature for better health.

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From Fields to Form: An Insightful Conversation with Basketmaker Anna Liebmann, Cultivating Scottish Willow and Crafting Timeless Baskets

Join us as we chat with Anna Liebmann, a skilled basketmaker and willow grower based in Edinburgh, who passionately shares her journey into the craft. She meticulously grows and hand-cuts most of her own willow organically in South Lanarkshire and Edinburgh, creating a diverse range of handmade products. Her love for locally sourced willow and her profound connection to her materials make her an inspiring figure in the world of basketmaking.

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The Drystone Company: Meet the Drystone Wallers from Perthshire who are Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Traditional Expertise and Contemporary Design

In a recent interview, The Drystone Company showcased their expertise and passion for drystone walling, emphasising their commitment to creating beautiful, sustainable, and resilient outdoor spaces using traditional skills. The company’s services range from designing and building drystone walls, structures, and features to restoring existing dry stone structures with beautiful photography and captivating stories to go along with each project.

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Tracing Inspirations: A Jeweller’s Journey from the Isle of Skye to Callander with Heather McDermott

Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes of her beloved Isle of Skye, jeweller, Heather McDermott shares with us some insights into her creative process, the balance between modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship, and her love for promoting Scottish makers. Join us as we delve into the world of Heather McDermott and discover the beauty she brings to life through her stunning jewellery creations.

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Exploring the Deeside Way, the Locals Way: An Interview with Kelly Morrison

We chat to Kelly Morrison, the author and creator of new book The Deeside Way- A Companion Guide about her passion and inspiration behind writing the guide. As well as discussing some recommendations for coffee stops and points of interest along the 41 mile route that capture the essence of the places traversed, delving into the history and heritage of each location.

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The Banshee of Glenisla

Dive into ‘The Banshee of Glenisla’, a chilling piece of Scottish folklore. Journey through the winter landscapes of Angus Glens, haunted by ancient spirits.

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50 Things to do in Aberdeenshire

From the Cairngorms National Park to the borders of the Highlands, Aberdeenshire has plenty to see, taste and explore. Whether you prefer to spend your time in five-star hotels, haunted castles or embracing nature – here are 50 things to do during your next visit to Scotland’s northeast coast.

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