If you want to get away from it all Orkney is the place to be. The archipelago of Orkney includes 67 islands off the coast of Caithness and about a third of them are uninhabited. Orkney has been voted the most romantic destination as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So as you can imagine this means that not only is there some amazing ancient monuments and interesting heritage to find out about but also that its peacefulness and beauty are well worth the visit. It doesn’t matter what time of year you choose to visit Orkney if it is beautiful scenery, fascinating history and peacefulness that you are after but time it right and you will find some amazing exciting events going on here.

Why Visit Orkney?

Orkney offers beaches, scenery, peacefulness, wildlife, history, culture, museums, galleries, music and festivals including a Rock Festival, Blues Festival and Science Festival. Why not make your trip during one of its festivals. It also offers the visitor a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets.

Explore Orkney