By Scott Jackson

Basic bio would be simple : Scottish Photographer, always up for an adventure and to be pushed out my comfort zone. A good laugh is always welcome and so is new creatives to meet and explore with. I know Scotland pretty well, I have been here since 1994. I use my background in Travel and Adventure to help tell stories that really bring the locations and the interactions together. My work in shooting for international companies on different types of campaigns has helped me develop in capturing those real honest moments, whilst prioritising the finer details and human emotion. Scotland is my home and has been since 1994 with exploring it and working in it been my number one goal for the past few years. Really just someone who loves to spend time with like-minded people and after studying photography a few years ago, I knew it was time to try and push to the next stage. Cheers for having a read at this very brief summary, send me a message for a real chat :)

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