With a little planning and know-how, enjoying your time in Scotland shouldn’t be an expensive trip;

Seek out free tourist trails 

Scotland welcomes tourists all year round which is where there are so many free trails and maps on offer. Find them at a local tourist information centre or independent bookshops.


Many of the big attractions such as public museums are free. Choose wisely which pay for exhibitions you want to see and check which is the cheapest way to buy a ticket. Combining the free tourist trails with the occasional paid-for exhibition or attraction, such as Edinburgh Castle is a way of supporting the local economy


Planning and buying tickets ahead is definitely the cheaper way to travel around Scotland. From weekly bus tickets in and around major cities to train routes across Scotland, there are deals to be had, more so when you buy in advance.


The range of accommodation in Scotland is huge. If you are on a tight budget and enjoy meeting fellow travellers, hostels are cheap but comfortable places to lay your head. For £10 a night, you will have all the mod-cons of hotel stays including free Wifi in many hostels. For a little extra, you could opt for a private room.


Self-catering is always cheaper than eating out, more so if you are staying in one spot for more than a day or two. However, eating out is part of the journey so look for midweek or mid-afternoon meal deals, as well as hotels and other venues offer á la carte menus for a lot less than a formal meal.