There are over 31,000 lochs dotted around Scotland. Bodies of fresh water, they can be indescribably vast, almost like an inland sea, to small, peaceful bodies of water. Many were formed as the glaciers retreated, scarring the land with deep trenches that filled with water, whilst others are products of the earth’s crust shifting and settling. There is only one body referred to as a lake, the rest are called lochs or “waters”. The bigger lochs can feel the tidal pull, more so at certain tide times. At high tides that happen once in a full moon, two lochs will meet, their turbulent ink waters flowing from one to the other. But there is a romance to their inky waters, a beauty to the vast watery landscape and all that it brings. And don’t forget the legend of Loch Ness…

Loch Lomond


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Loch Ness


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Loch Katrine


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Loch Tay

Loch Awe

Loch Assynt

Loch Linnhe


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