Wynford Farm

The animals raised on Wynford Farm are cute enough to enchant all ages. Founded in 2002, the farm was born from the merging of Millburn and Old Wynford farms, combining decades of animal husbandry experience. Wynford is a working farm as well as petting zoo, with a pure-bred herd of celebrated Aberdeen Angus living organically on the grounds.

Aside from livestock, there is a veritable menagerie of creatures on display at Wynford. There are adorable deer, lambs, and piglets living alongside species like alpacas, tortoises, lizards, and even a family of meerkats. Every size of animal is represented here, with the tiniest insects taking residency in the many Bug Hotels around the farm. If the weather turns, there is a fantastic café and soft play facilities on-hand to wait it out, as well as a host of events, ran by the staff every day.

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