Transreal Fiction

‘Transreal’, meaning ‘beyond reality’, was the term used by the sci-fi writer Rudy Rucker to describe his work. When Mike Calder decided to open his own specialist bookstore dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy fiction, this seemed an apt term to use. Prior to this, Calder worked in Forbidden Planet, and he applied much of what he learnt there to his new venture. It opened in Cowgatehead in 1997, but in 2011 moved to its present site on Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh’s Old Town. It is home to the largest selection of imported sci-fi and fantasy in Scotland, and there are many rare American imports. You will be sure to find all of the classics of both genres, but there are also many obscure titles you won’t find in the chain bookstores.

Candlemaker Row 46
Edinburgh EH1 2QE Scotland GB

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