The Cobbler

This distinctive mountain which is also known as Ben Arthur is very popular for walkers and mountaineers alike.

Standing at 2,900 ft it’s classed as a corbett, which is a mountain between 2500 and 3000 feet high. Don’t let this deceive you though as this amazing mountain promises perhaps one of the most impressive summits in the Southern Highlands.

Part of the impressive Arrochar Alps, it gets its name from its unusually rocky summit which is supposed to represent a cobbler leaning over his last, which is a holding device which is shaped like a human food and used to repair shoes.

There are many ways up this mountain, the difficult route takes a left after the Narnain Boulders, which act as a timely reminder to always keep your wits about you to avoid being hit but falling rocks. This route involves a minor scramble and steep ascent to the mountain.

For an easier route, head right at the boulders for a quick there and back.

You can expect this route to take 4-6 hours there and back and be prepared to pay £1 per hour to park your car.

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