St Kilda

St Kilda is the most westerly group of islands in Britain. It is so remote that the boat trip from the remote Outer Hebrides takes nearly three hours. So why go there you may ask! Well where to start! First of all a trip like this is not for everyone so make sure everyone in your party knows what to expect. You can get a boat trip from Harris, Skye, Oban or Bernaray.

The trips are dependent on the weather conditions so can be cancelled at the last minute. Having said all that a trip like this is a memory of a lifetime. A chance to see around a million seabirds during their breeding season including Atlantic Puffin, Northern Gannet, and Northern Fulmar.

A chance to see its unusual volcanic structures with Stacs up to 643 ft. A chance to visit Village Bay which was once occupied by people who managed to live in this most remote and wild land using birds and sheep to be self-sufficient. A chance to find out about the history of these peoples and see the houses that they lived in. Reviews of trips to St Kilda use such words as spiritual, amazing, humbling and haunting.

St Kilda is so important that it is a World Heritage Site and three separate organisations, Scottish Natural Heritage, The National Trust for Scotland and the MoD, work together to continue with conservation and research on and around these islands.

Whether you feel this is a trip for you or not the story and images of St Kilda are really worth finding out so here are a few links and images to inspire you.

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