Many places stake their claim as the ‘Jewel of the Highlands’, but few rival the idyllic village of Plockton. Settled on the scenic banks of Loch Carron, the space is also sheltered from the bitter sea winds by the snow-capped Highland mountains that transport visitors to a postcard-worthy fantasy land. Unsurprisingly, given its proximity to Loch Carron, Plockton has a strong maritime tradition which tourists have many opportunities to explore. Seal trips, kayaking, rowing, and sailing are just a few of the water-based activities available throughout the village.

For those looking to stay on dry land, the artistic community within Plockton have transformed it into a genuine cultural hotbed. With a studio and art gallery for the local creatives to hone their craft, the village hall sees frequent exhibitions that anyone can attend. Also in the realms of culture, the dining options in Plockton are not to be missed! Taking full advantage of the numerous bodies of water nearby, high-quality seafood is one of the many strings to the village’s bow.

How to get there

By car, Plockton is around four and a half hours northwest of Glasgow. However, most visitors to the village travel via train, as Inverness station offers a direct line through some of the most picturesque scenery in all of the United Kingdom.


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