Northton Salt Flats

The Hebridean Isles are full of scenic landscapes and natural curiosities, perhaps even more so than the rest of Scotland. One particular rarity occurs on the southern end of Harris, where the typically rugged terrain gives way to a set of majestic salt flats that stretch deep into the horizon.

Occurring mainly in covered locations like estuaries or loch heads, salt flats are so rare that were you to combine their total surface area across Scotland they would still be smaller than the city of Aberdeen. This scarcity is part of what makes the Northton flats so exciting. Another remarkable aspect is the diversity of fauna that have adapted to survive in a climate that bears so few nutrients. Breathing in the salty air on this patch of Harris is a truly amazing experience and one you should not miss if you have the chance.

How to get there: The nearest bus stop to the Northton Salt Flats is the MacGillivray Centre, which the W10 stops at on its route across the island. Aside from that, the flats can be reached easily in a car by driving on the A859 and parking in Northton itself.

Things to do nearby:

• Northton Temple
• Seallam! Visitor Centre

Eat & Drink Nearby:

• The Anchorage Restaurant
• Scarista House Restaurant

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