Muckle Skerry

Scattered off the northern coast of Scotland are the Pentland Skerries, four empty islands of varying sizes. The largest of the four, named Muckle Skerry, lies norther than its counterparts and would be considered an island were its climate not so inhospitable. However, as a result of its tumultuous weather, it is more often considered as a skerry, making it a site of severe rugged beauty.

The sole inhabitant of the island has stood tall since its construction in 1794. The Pentland Skerries Lighthouse was, in part, designed by Robert Stevenson – the first of many towers built to his specification, as became the tradition of the Stevenson family. Given the desolate nature of Muckle Skerry, the island can only be observed from onboard a touring ship. Even from a distance, however, the lighthouse casts an imposing figure as it rises through the bitter sea mist.

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