Journey back in time at Mercat Cross

Few places in the world have mixed horror and entertainment as effectively as Mercat Cross.

A Mercat Cross is the Scottish name for the Market Cross and is found in most Scottish cities.

Once known as a “the dreaded theatre of public punishment” The Mercat Cross in Edinburgh stands in Parliament Square next to St Giles’ Cathedral.

As late as the 17th century, it was a site of public executions and proclamations, petty criminals were more commonly tortured in a brutal and public manner to provide a means of deterrent to the townsfolk.

And in 1952, thousands of people gathered at mercat cross to listen to the proclamation of accession of Queen Elizabeth II.

Today, Mercat Cross is back at its finest after being careful restored of its stonework and beautifully repainted in 2018.

Did you know the Unicorn is Scotland’s national animal? Keep an eye out for one at the top of Mercat Cross.

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