Meldrum House Hotel

Meldrum House is just a 15 minute drive from Fyvie Castle, nestled in the heart of Aberdeenshire’s tranquil countryside. This luxury hotel is a charming 13th century baronial mansion house with a 240 acre estate and golf course. Very well known for its 800 year old whisky cave bar, called ‘1236 at The Cave Bar’. The Cave Bar is part of the original manor house’s rich history, dating back to 1236. This room would originally have been a larder and storeroom where they smoked and hung meat and fish that would have come in from the Estate and further afield. You can now enjoy casual dining and whisky tasting.

Would you believe that Meldrum House also has a resident ghost? The ghost of Meldrum House is referred to as ‘The White Lady’, as she is wearing a white dress. For reasons unknown, The White Lady has been said to appear to children who have been left on their own in the hotel, but don’t worry The White Lady only appears to look after them. On another occasion during a thunderstorm a male guest reported getting a cold kiss from The White Lady, very spooky, or perhaps this gentleman had a few too many whiskies from the cave bar.

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