Loch Vaa

Loch Vaa is a true hidden gem of the Highlands, one that is loved by locals and amazes visitors in equal measure. Sneaking in betwixt Aviemore and the Boat of Garten, the water is somewhat overshadowed by its more known neighbours in Loch Morlich and Loch an Eilein. However, this does not diminish its beauty in the slightest. It is tranquil in its seclusion, and the surrounding rocks and trees are often covered in a light dusting of snow which, although incredibly scenic, does add to the moderate difficulty of the path.

Following the path up the wooded esker, visitors soon come across the enchantingly quaint boathouse, alluding to the vibrant fishing community who frequent the loch. In this boathouse, and throughout the area, you can often spot a variety of trout who call the loch their home. Although the walk can be strenuous at points, the route itself is very straightforward as long as you stick to the waterside!

How to get there

The downside of Loch Vaa’s tranquil remoteness is its relative inaccessibility. The nearest bus stop is Kinveachy Junction, which stands around a twenty-minute walk from the Vaa. Alternatively, drivers can take the A9 and turn off onto the A95 to get as close as possible, although a small walk will still be required.

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