Loch Maree

Loch Maree has beautiful scenery with its scattered islands, oakwoods and mountains on one side and Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve on the other.
Here are a few interesting facts about the loch.
  •         Largest loch in the north-west Highlands
  •         Max depth 110m
  •         Rare plants and animals
  •         Has various conservation accolades
  •         Has more than 60 islands
  •         Look out for sea eagles, golden eagles, black-throated divers, red            deer, dragonflies and butterflies in the vicinity.


There are various trails round the Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve that will give you some stunning views of the loch.


Follow the A9 then the A835 for 54 miles from Inverness to reach the Beinn Eighe Trails car park.

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