Lake of Menteith

Nestled in the picturesque Scottish countryside in Stirlingshire, you will find Scotland’s only lake, rather than lock, the Lake of Menteith.

It’s not known why it’s known as a Lake instead of Loch, but there are many theories. One popular theory is that the word lake is derived from the Scots word laich, which means ‘stretch of low-lying ground’ and a cartographer mistook this word for lake.

Regardless of its origins, this spot in the stirlingshire countryside is simply wonderful.

It’s a very popular fishing spot, with plenty of rainbow and brown trout available in the lake, these fish attract some beautiful birds of prey, such as the unmistakable osprey.

There’s a fantastic walk called the ‘The Menteith Hills’ closeby which offers winding paths through the forest and fantastic views of the Lake of Menteith.

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