Investigate the neo-classical architecture of the New Town

The New Town was actually built in the 18th century and incorporates neo-classical style buildings with tall ceilings and decorative finishes.It’s a great area to walk around and admire the neo-classical and Georgian period architecture, you will find St Andrews Square at one end of George Street and charlotte Square at the other.Edinburgh’s Princes Street is a lovely place to enjoy a day shopping with its beautiful gardens running alongside it and the castle high up overlooking it.There is a wide choice of shops from the luxury historic Jenners to modern day Apple store, boutique shops and high street stores like M & S. There is no shortage of places to stop and eat and of course the gardens are just across the road if you feel like a restful open air lunch beneath the castle.You can even take in a bit more history with a visit to Scott Monument at the east side of Princes Street Gardens.

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