The McManus Art Gallery and Museum

With a collection spanning 400m years, the McManus Art Gallery & Museum celebrates the history, culture and art of Dundee and its local creatives. Noted for its beautiful Victorian Gothic home, the museum consists of eight buildings showcasing a collection of permanent and temporary art, design, architecture and homages to Dundee’s shipbuilding heritage.

Wherever humans tread, they leave behind tell-tale signs of their existence – and art is one medium that charts the highs and lows of human evolution. This art gallery is housed in a gothic building, impressive in itself but the art housed in its eight, open plan galleries is simply stunning.

There is so much to see and admire that this it is wise to play a day within museum walls if you are an avid art fan. With an onsite shop and a pleasant café, it is a place you could spend many hours or day.

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