His Majesty’s Theatre Behind The Scenes Tour

His Majesty’s Theatre is one of the most beautiful theatres in Scotland and an iconic part of Aberdeen City. Aberdeens theatre was built in 1906 and designed by the legendary theatre architect Frank Matcham. Learn about his signature design features, and explore the new and old sections of the city centre landmark on a behind the scenes tour, where you will be taken back in time to learn about its glorious history and be let in on some of its secrets that has been kept for over a hundred years.

You will be shown the exact location where a horrific accident took place whilst a show was performing and a former employee lost his life. Jake tragically died in 1942 when he was struck in the head by a rapidly-spinning winch handle. He was 69 when he was killed, attempting to put the brake on a lift which was transporting circus horses to the lower floor. The lift was only supposed to carry three at a time but a colleague decided to fill the lift with all six horses. Jake however lives on as HMT’s resident ghost, and is described as being rather mischievous. Jake likes to move objects when your back is turned. Keep a particular eye out for him by cold spots in the passageway nicknamed “Lambeth Walk”. Although quiet since the refurbishment in 1999, people believe Jake keeps an eye on his colleagues still to this day. Some report to hear the clip-clop of hooves too.  

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