Guardswell Farm

Guardswell Farm is a 150-acre grassland farm situated on a south facing hillside, between Abernyte and Kinnaird, Perthshire.

With panoramic views extending from North of Dundee, along the River Tay, over to the North of Fife, down to the Carse of Gowrie and all the way along to Glencarse; we feel a bit mean keeping it all to ourselves.

Guardswell is a secret getaway, shared with those who want to fully immerse themselves into her simple and bygone ways.

Wholesome holidays, walks around the farm, stopping to watch the birds, investigating the wild flowers, lifting your eyes from your book to look at the view. Food cooked on the fire tastes better, wine under the stars is remembered, and free range children are the best sort.

That’s a “STAY” at Guardswell Farm.

We love relaxed and fun events and weddings. Branches hanging from the ceiling, old vases filled with floppy flowers, plates piled high with locally grown food. Dancing with your shoes off in the grass under the festoon lights. Munching on midnight pizza from the wood oven. Sleeping under the stars and waking to the smell of breakfast cooked on the fire pit.

We host our own wild brunches and farm lunches, tables shared with others and conversation to remember. Family camping weekends, holistic escapes, you name it- we’ll try it.

Thats a “PLAY” at Guardswell Farm.

Spoon Carving, Back Yard Hen Care, Preserving and Foraged Floristry. What do you want to learn? What did your grandmother know how to do without thinking, that you haven’t the foggiest about? Our workshops are fun and engaging… with as much tea and cake as you can stomach!

Thats a “LEARN” at Guardswell Farm.

The Atmosphere

Wholesome, slow, considered design, environmentally sustainable and detached from the fast pace of modern life. The sort of place that encourages you to slow down and look around you, and then invites you to explore further…walking around the farm, taking in the view and focusing on the wholesome pleasures that we often forget about.

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