Glen Affric

Glen Affric is the Scottish Highlands in miniature. The glen stretches on for miles upon miles, with distinct biomes that mix and merge into one Edenic location. At its head, visitors can walk alongside the glorious River Affric as the land gradually turns from a public road into the natural walkway. This area of the glen is enclosed by looming mountains of various shapes and sizes, creating an incredible vista from the outset.

Further in lies a 30 square mile National Nature Reserve full of Caledonian pine dating back countless years. This is one of the best examples of Scottish forest still living today and is home to a thriving ecosystem of birds and other woodland creatures. When the leaves begin falling in autumn, visitors may even encounter elusive red stags during their walks. It is difficult to describe every nook of Glen Affric given its sheer variety – it truly is a microcosm of Caledonia.

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