Fife Arms Hotel

Sleeps up to 4

Since reopening, the Fife Arms Hotel has been the talk of the town ever since, and with good reason too. New owners Iwan and Manuela Wirth,  have well and truly transformed this into a first class hotel and brought it to life. They have captured the essence of its local town of Braemar exquisitely, combining its heritage with collaborations between artists who they have formed a strong bond with over the years as well as building relationships with local talent.

Many even taking on an artist in residency, some for months at a time. The Fife Arms have named all of their rooms after something or someone that has great meaning to the hotel, its history, with one being named ‘Artist in Residency’.

Each room holds an abundance of intricate details, that leave you feeling excited and wanting more. A magical ending to a day of walking the haunted rooms of Aberdeenshires haunted castles, would be to order a cocktail from ‘Elsa’s bar’ and retire into a comfortable chair in the lobby of the Fife Arms in front of the Robert Burns Fireplace, and listen to the sound of the piano. What makes it so magical?

Well apart from the fact that there are only five of these fireplaces in the entire world, the piano you are listening to plays itself! Watching the keys play on its own is so mesmerizing, its as if someone has cast a spell … or could it be a ghost?!

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