Fettercairn Distillery

Given its name derives from “foot of the mountain”, it is not surprising that Fettercairn Distillery takes great pride in its home beneath the Grampian Mountains. The Grampians play a vital role in Fettercairn’s whisky-making process, especially the crisp water that flows from the many streams in the range. This water is used not only for distilling the whisky but also cooling the humungous stills to ensure only the most characterful vapours arise from the copper. Fettercairn’s love of the land also manifests in their touching Fettercairn Forest project, which has led to the planting of more than 13,000 oak trees across the Fasque estate.

Visitors can tour the distillery and enjoy a variety of tasting options at its conclusion. Children who cannot try a dram can take the tour for free, while designated drivers can have their drink to takeaway.

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