Falls of Feugh

Before the River Feugh becomes one with the River Dee, its famous Falls presents visitors with one of the best opportunities to spot salmon migrating to spawn.

Forming deep within the Grampians, the Water of Feugh is the largest tribune of the River Dee, with the two eventually meeting just outside of Banchory. Travelling south from their point of confluence, visitors come across the celebrated Falls of Feugh. Best seen from the stone bridge that straddles both banks, locals and tourists alike have recognised the Falls for their staggering beauty.

Although the cascades themselves are a picaresque view from atop the bridge, the spot is best known for the countless leaping salmon that call them home. Salmon fishing in the River Dee has remained incredibly popular over the centuries, with over authorities recognising over 50 separate beats across its length, but for those who would rather just observe than the Falls of Feugh is the perfect spot. Based on migratory patterns, experts consider September to November and February to March the optimum periods to view the fish.

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