Elie Ness Lighthouse

First lit in 1908, the Elie Ness Lighthouse sits between Inchkeith and the Isle of May. Constructed to allow sailors on the nearby water to see the rocky cliffside, the lighthouse was restored to its former glory in 2010. Now, both the lighthouse and nearby cottages are maintained by the Elie Ness Historical Society.

Jutting out into the Firth of Forth, Elie Ness itself is a small area of land between Inchkeith and the Isle of May. Standing atop it in isolation is the Elie Ness Lighthouse, where it has been a guiding beacon for ships since its first flash in 1908. Both the tower and the stout keepers’ cottage by its side are still maintained, with the Elie Ness Historical Society and Forth Ports taking over the operation and preservation of each.

Elie Ness Lighthouse had a full restoration throughout 2010, including exterior repainting and overall modernisation. Visitors can now once access the lantern from within the tower, and the lantern itself has been upgraded to cast a light totally 17 miles in length.

How to get there: Elie Ness is best reached by car, taking the A90 from Edinburgh until you get onto the M90. By bus, we recommend taking the 95 to St Andrew’s from Scoonie Kirk, Leven and disembarking at Wadeslea.

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