Eilean Donan Castle

A staple of postcards across the nation, the beauty of Eilean Donan Castle is in no way diminished by its celebrity status. The castle is built upon its own estranged island beneath which three different lochs coalesce. Its lengthy causeway only adds to the imposing nature of the structure, as it leads visitors into its deeper walls.

Historians speculate that, although there was not a fortified castle or fortress on the island until the Viking invasions in the 13th century, followers of Bishop Donan probably settled there centuries earlier. Eilean Donan fell to government forces in 1719, eventually succumbing to the three days of bombardment from enormous armed frigates. Visitors have Lt Colonel John Macrae-Gilstrap to thank for its restoration, who spent twenty years rebuilding the castle from the ruins that had beeSorin Tudorutn left from the bombardment. Eilean Donan Castle now stands in its original iconic glory, a true symbol of Caledonia.

How to get there: Eilean Donan island lies on the intersection of Lochs Alsh, Duich and Long, meaning the nearest town is Dornie. Dornie is easily reachable by car from most larger towns, taking around three hours to reach from Perth. Given its proximity to the Isle of Skye, a trip to Eilean Donan typically forms part of a longer journey.

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Eat & Drink nearby:

• The Clachan
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