Culloden Visitor Centre

The biggest historical attraction in this area is Culloden Battlefield. This is the site where the Jacobite rebellions were finally put down, an event that had widespread ramifications on the course of British history. Take the audio tour to get the most out of the experience.

The history books tell us about the Battle of Culloden and the 1745 Jacobite Rising but this Visitor Centre will bring the story to life for you. You can find Culloden 5 miles from Inverness just off the A9/B9006.

The green grass of Culloden grows over a field soaked in spilt blood. Soldiers in their thousands met their death here, the site of the uprising’s last stand in 1746. The battle was the bloody climax of the short but bitter Jacobite rebellion, where Bonnie Prince Charlie’s exhausted army faced the outnumbering forces led by the Duke of Cumbernauld.

The battlefield lies hauntingly still now, where the passionate team at Culloden Visitor Centre are dedicated to protecting and preserving the land itself. Besides the grazing Shetland cows and goats, the centre itself contains a stunningly detailed museum. Artefacts such as the intricately carved Brodie Sword and an exceedingly rare blunderbuss are on display throughout the exhibitions. The centre also features a gripping short film as a finale, projected onto a 360-degree screen that submerges the viewer into the battle itself. Culloden Visitor Centre does incredible work in unflinchingly conservating one of the most crucial episodes in Scottish history.

How to get there: The centre lies five miles to the east of Inverness and can be accessed via most modes of transport. Follow the brown signs on the A9 or, if not driving, hop on the number 2 bus from Inverness for around half an hour.

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