Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle was built by Alexander Burnett in the 16th Century, where The Burnett family lived on for over 350 years. Robert the Bruce had granted them land back in 1323. Crathes Castle is made up of an intricate maze of turrets, towers, oak panels and painted ceilings, many of which survive beautifully to this day. Surrounded by its very own luscious gardens teamed with a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, you can wander around and soak it all in. The walled gardens are particularly stunning, split into eight sections of glorious greenery and exotic flowers.

Crathes Castle looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale but it comes with a dark twist. It is no secret that this castle is haunted by a ghost referred to as ‘The Green Lady’. A publication in 1900 described it as an ‘apparition of a lady dressed in green, with a child in her arms’. It is said that ‘The Green Lady’ was once a servant girl who worked in the castle who fell pregnant out of wedlock – by who we don’t know, but perhaps is the reason why ‘she fled the castle’. 100 years later in the 1800s, workmen were repairing the castle and uncovered the skeletal remains of a woman and a child beneath the hearthstone of the fireplace.

Did you know…? 

The reason for the length of the beds in Crathes Castle, did not mean that its residents were very short. They did in fact believe that if they lay flat whilst sleeping that this was representative of how you would lay in your coffin. They also believed that if they were to lay down the grim reaper would take them in their sleep so instead they slept sitting up. You will notice this in a lot of Castles from the 16th century as this superstition caught on and even spread all over Europe.

Also, in the master bedroom you will see the bed of Alexander and his wife [insert name] – you will notice the initials carved into the head of the bed. If you look inside the roof of the bed you will notice a rectangular door. This was added, because they believed that if someone was to die whilst in this bed, they could lift the lid up and the spirit of the dead would be sent to heaven.


Parking is free to Trust members; otherwise it’s £3.

Entry Fee

Adult £13.00, Family £30.00, One Adult Family £25.00, Concession £10.00

Admission Free for Trust members


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Gift Shop

Tea Room

Baby changing facilities are available, and pushchairs can be stored in the front hall.

Dogs are permitted on the grounds on a lead.

Banchory AB31 5QJ Scotland GB

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